A Comprehensive Workshop for
Genealogical / Historical Studies

in the former eastern part of old Germany

presented by

Guenter Boehm

The Boehm Collection for Genealogical Studies in Silesia
Herkimer, New York

Guenter Boehm in the Boehm Family History Room observing via Skype the ceremony of the introduction of the
new coat of arms of the city of Jedlina-Zdroj on March 18, 2010

  • Former eastern part of old Germany
  • Researching before the time of church records
  • The downfall of the small landed gentry
  • Incorporating the historical aspect into your family chronicle
  • Using the internet for research

    Speaker for your Genealogical Organization
    for the advanced researchers

    This is done on an individual basis for your family history research between the years 1300 and 1600; that means before the time of the introduction of church records. I have experience and good contacts in the former eastern part of old Germany (now Poland). If you need some help, an existence of your basic genealogical research is essential. I do NOT search in church records. Most suitable if your family had deep roots in Silesia perhaps they even belonged once to a family branch of the extinct lower nobility which did not make it, were marginalized, or disappeared as such in the feudal system. (more ... in German).

    A historical example
    of the Beheim / Behem in Silesia

    1329 - 1419
    Fife and the Manorial System

    The Boehm Family History Room at the Prospect Inn Complex
    Please contact Guenter Boehm at e-mail: info (at) boehm-chronik.com

    Your host Guenter Boehm: BS in Business Administration (International Trade and Real Estate), born 1939 in Silesia, expelled from his homeland with parents in 1948, fled communist East Germany in 1957. Lived in Germany, Canada, Mexico, and since 1983 in Herkimer, New York. Dedicating many years to his family history research.

    Polish Medal of Honor Recipient in 2002
    Coal Mining History in the Waldenburg Region in Silesia (1536 - 1999)

    Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth International Competition titled
    "Silesian Castles and Palaces"
    Honourable Patronage of these events as the representative
    of the last pre-war owners of the Palace Jedlinka
    September 2008, June 2009, June 2011, June 2013, and June 2015

    Honorory Citizen of the City of Jedlina Zdrój (Bad Charlottenbrunn)
    Honorowy Obywatel
    June 2009

    600 years of history of our family in Silesia during the reign
    of the Piasts, the Bohemians, the Habsburgs, the Prussians, and the Poles
    (1329 - 1948)

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