The Böhm Family History

from the Waldenburger Hill Country

XIII Century

Bohemian Knights (von Rodov/Rodovsky) of Königgrätz District in Bohemia.

XIV and XV Century

Knights in Silesia
In the Service of Bolko II. and Nicolaus, Dukes of Münsterberg and Bolko II., Duke of Schweidnitz-Jauer.

XVI - XVIII Century

Owner of a fief on a ducal estate (large landholding) in Weissstein,
Farmers and Co-Owners (Kuxen-Inhaber; sort of shareholders) of the Glückhilf-Grube in Hermsdorf.

XIX Century

Our Line: Farmers/Kuxen-Inhaber and later owner of the country hotel “Zur Stadt Wien”
(stagecoach station with liverystable, restaurant, guestrooms and dancehall) in Langwaltersdorf.
Branche Line: Farmers/Kuxen-Inhaber and later owner of the palace and manor “Tannhausen”.

In 1889 there came a break in the family. The liberally minded Johann Karl Wilhelm Böhm (owner of the hotel) - our great-grandfather - came into difficulties with Bismarck's anti-socialist law. During the strike of the coal miners meetings took place in his hotel. Thereupon our branch of the family came into disgrace and lost its fortune. The emperor-faithful Rittmeister Gustav Böhm - our great-granduncle - despised the political leanings of his cousin. The consequence was an estrangement and a separation forever of the two branches of the family.

XX and XXI Century

Langwaltersdorfer Line: Germany, Mexico and USA.
Tannhausener Line: Namibia (former German-Southwest Africa), South Africa, Germany and USA.

Stammreihen Böhm (Väterlinie)

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